Democrats appear willing to put Clintons out to pasture

By Jonathan Prichard

Washington D.C. – Recent statements by prominent Democrats appear to signal that the Clinton’s run in public life is over. From Democrat senator Kirsten Gillibrand breaking from party orthodoxy to say Bill Clinton should have resigned the Presidency over the Monica Lewinsky affair, to veteran actor Susan Sarandon proclaiming Hillary is dangerous and is good she is not President, the Clinton’s are apparently being readied for an extended stint under the proverbial bus.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand D–NY

Longtime Democrat operative, Donna Brazile began what might turn out as the initial bursting of the dam with the publication of her book Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House. Her story claims malfeasance on the part of the Hillary Clinton Campaign to rig the Democrat primary against Senator Bernie Sanders and alludes to significant shady finance dealings by the Clintons. Brazile’s promotional book tour found her on political talk shows of every political persuasion and signaled to other Democrats in government and the media that criticizing the Clintons is now permitted, even preferential. Clearly Democrats want to move the political oxygen sucking Clintons aside to make room for fresh faces, but are even more serious consequences than a quiet retirement awaiting the venal pair? Perhaps so, with multiple political and financial scandals percolating just beneath the surface, seemingly ready to explode into the public consciousness at any moment.

Former White House Intern Monica Lewinsky

Democrats look ready to throw the Clintons overboard and without much debate on the more recent allegations of political and financial malfeasance involved with the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s email server scandal that is getting fresh eyes from Congress. Investigative stories recently published in journals other than Fox News indicates a willingness from Democrats to let the Clintons fend for themselves in the public arena so the Party can go on about its business getting Democrats elected without having to fight about these serious scandals in every conversation. The nature of these particular scandals may also figure into the Democrat’s political calculations. The Uranium One scandal – with the Clinton Foundation is alleged to have given Vladimir Putin’s Russia 20 percent of America’s uranium reserves in a pay-to-play scheme – is a particularly difficult scandal in which to mount a defense. Read John Solomon’s report on the Russian uranium case for a brief primer.

Former Chair of the Democrat National Committee, Donna Brazile


A List of Major Clinton Scandals Over the Years

  1. Clintons Turn IRS into Gestapo
  2. Covering Bill’s “Bimbo Eruptions”
  3. Looting the White House & State Department
  4. Filegate: FBI Files on GOP Enemies
  5. ‘Clinton U’ Scam
  6. Sensitive Intel – No Experience Necessary
  7. Hillary’s ‘Muslim Brotherhood Princess’
  8. Vince Foster’s 1993 Death
  9. Emailgate
  10. Chinagate: Sale of High Tech Secrets
  11. Travelgate
  12. Whitewater
  13. Landing Under Sniper Fire
  14. Hillary’s Missing Law Firm Billing Records
  15. Hillary’s Secret Speeches
  16. Pardongate: Hillary Senate Contributions
  17. Hillary’s Cash Cows and 9,987 percent profit
  18. Clinton Body Count
  19. Hillary’s Radical Pal Saul Alinsky
  20. Hillary Laughs About Defending Child Rapist
  21. Hillary Cashes in: Iranian Fundraising
  22. The Clinton Foundation: Pay to Play
  23. Benghazi: 4 American Lives Lost
  24. Peter Franklin Paul: Another Hillary Friend Goes to Prison
  25. Watergate: Fired for Being a Liar
  26. TWA Flight 800
  27. The Waco Tragedy and Ruby Ridge


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The Democrats will face a difficult challenge in trying to give the Clintons the boot. As in all scandals involving the Clintons, these newer ones are intertwined with many other people and institutions. In this era, much of the malodorous effect will land squarely on Obama Administration officials, perhaps even President Obama himself. For all the occasions that the Clinton’s have escaped real accountability for their scandals in the past, scores of their associates, colleagues and friends have gone to prison or ended up mysteriously dead.


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