Many of the theatrical reviews written about Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible, expressed a sense of sheer and abject terror, where a few small lies, relentlessly portrayed in an escalating corrupt aspect, lead to the destruction of people and community solitude in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. Scary stuff – bigotry, deceit and the personal destruction of people and those they love with false, scurrilous accusations. Still, the Salem Witch Trials are a trip to Disneyland compared to the permanent damage done to society wrought by the false indictments emanating from today’s Democrat Party and its media acolytes.

The events in Salem 300 years ago destroyed the soul of only a single community, and its cohesiveness. The debacle surrounding the nomination and confirmation of Judge Brett Kavenaugh is a global spectacle played out before a worldwide audience and its negative effects will last decades, reverberating throughout American politics in ways we have yet to feel the full horror and scope. The little lying girls in 1692 Salem are no match for the moral turpitude of the double-dealing, prevaricating grown adult women in this latest display of political defecation. Here, Harridan of the Senate, Diane Feinstein, purposely and deliberately withheld a sexual assault allegation from her colleagues and the public until after the Senate’s advice and consent hearings had concluded, leaving no chance for dealing with the issue in any manner approaching collegiality. No, Harridan Feinstein sought maximum visibility and punishment for her intended target. Salem’s pretty little liars wanted to get out of trouble, Feinstein wanted to start some.

What of the allegation though? Aren’t sexual assaults the premier problem in today’s #MeToo social climate? Does not Christine Blasey Ford’s tale of her alleged attacker’s drunken teenage hijinks and forced groping deserve a fair and judicious hearing? Yes, they do…or did. An allegation of sexual assault against a nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States, no matter how remote in time, deserves attention and a fairprocess. Sandbagging the allegation, then leaking its details to a compliant press, who then demand a public spectacle is the dictionary definition of unfair…to everyone involved. When Ford sent a letter detailing her allegations to Feinstein’s office, no one, least of all Sen. Feinstein herself, had any idea whether Ford’s secretly made allegations held any merit whatsoever. The proper process at that point was to turn the allegation over to the Senate Judiciary Committee investigators to…investigate, without a public spectacle that could potentially ruin a good man and his family.

Accusations deserve vetting before public disclosure. In the case of Ford’s allegations, a private vetting of her “truth” would have spared the nation this corrosively divisive drama, and spared Ms. Ford the inevitable recriminations that will arise from her obviously ridiculous story, devoid of any corroborating or provable details and in any fair reading, merely a list of ill-defined innuendo. Ford’s hazily conjured memory of an event occurring over 35 years ago would never pass muster before a jury. She could not convey any pertinent information about the alleged attempted rape. Where did the event occur? What year? How did she get to the party? How did she get home from the party (Ford was too young to drive to what must have been at least seven miles home)? Why did you leave your best friend all alone at the party and not tell her about the rape-y boys that were there? To add even more misery to all of this, Ford publicly humiliated her so-called best friend by calling out her health issues on a global stage! That doesn’t exactly seem HPPA compliant. Public scrutiny of this story led to many more inconsistencies and apparent lies told by Ms. Ford, some of them under oath. Due to the public nature of this egregious extravaganza Christine Blasey Ford will eventually morph into Chickensh**t Ballsy Fraud – a laughingstock. Though she now has notoriety and approval from certain quarters and is likely to receive money for speaking engagements and look heroic to her set. A GoFundMe account opened on Ford’s behalf has raised well over $1 Million, so she has that going for her.

What did this bamboozling activity achieve? Time will tell, but the tea leaves are shaking out to reveal the Democrats atrocious activities have re-energized a somewhat complacent Republican base and may completely stall the vaunted blue electoral wave in the coming mid-term elections. The #MeToo movement, and honest accusations about sexual assault will incur skepticism from the lies told here. Judge Kavenaugh is likely to receive confirmation and sit on the Supreme Court for the next several decades. The American people are at heart civil and decent. They see this process and Democrat party activities in the whole affair as dishonest, cruel and inexcusable. Yes, Kavanaugh’s reputation is in tatters for now but he is blessed with strong family bonds and an exemplary wife and kids…they’ll be okay too. Feinstein, Ford, the Democrats and their media mavens started another one of the Left’s patented 1692-style witch trials in an effort to subvert America, but it appears the pyres are being lit for them.

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