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Franken Should Stay

A good deal of hysteria has emanated from the #MeToo Movement, with minor touching and rude remarks rapidly conflating with actual crimes such as rape and child molestation. Not everything is a “firing offense,” if so, there is hardly a politician, entertainer or media personality that would qualify for employment, man or woman. Ever since Rose McGowan called out Harvey Weinstein with accusations of rape and sexual harassment, people have come out of the woodwork to accuse men (mostly) of every sort of indiscretion, some from decades ago. While many of the accusations are legitimate, credible and point to...

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Thrust and Parry DEC 4 2017

Can Trump be Impeached for Obstruction of Justice? Recent developments surrounding Congressional and Special Counsel investigations on possible collusion with Russia by the 2016 Trump Presidential Campaign have given rise to the question on impeaching President Trump on “obstruction of justice” or “abuse of power” charges. The question on whether a sitting President can be impeached under such circumstances is a highly charged political question as much as it is a legal or Constitutional one. For this week’s Thrust and Parry we have selected the positions of two noted Liberal constitutional scholars, Laurence Tribe and Alan Dershowitz. The Thrust...

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