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Author: NC Staff

Tax Reform Set to Heat Up Economy

Extensive Business and Individual Cuts Will Drive Economic Expansion Washington, DC – The US Senate passed a $1.4 Trillion tax overhaul bill in the early morning hours on December 3, 2017. The sweeping legislation represents massive reform in the sections of the tax code dealing with corporate taxes but only dances around the edges of real reform on the individual taxpayer side with one major exception, the repeal of the mandate that forces individuals Americans to purchase health insurance. Although the legislation passed by the Senate must now be reconciled with the House version and signed by the President,...

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Film Review: Wind River

Wind River is a well-paced crime thriller set in the rugged outreaches of the modern American West, in this case Wyoming. The film is finely acted and ably directed with a serious plotline and generously rich cinematography. Unfortunately, the writing and flow of the story is uneven and contradictory, leaving filmgoers with a “what might have been” uneasiness. Wind River is worth seeing and is entertaining but is unlikely to last past a week in the memory of the average film buff in the vein of a Mystic River or Pulp Fiction. Wind River is now on DVD This...

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