The National Criterion is a digital media organization dedicated to providing news, information, features and entertainment content to a diverse audience.

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Our Editorial Mission

To convey ideas and content that advances freedom and liberty of the people.

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Ideology: The ideological focus of the Criterion is essentially libertarian. We acknowledge that ideas and concepts from both the right and left are valid and necessary for sustaining liberty and freedom for the people. We agree with ideologies comporting with the US Constitution and all of its amendments, whether Conservative, Liberal or Libertarian. Due to its penchant for elitist Statism – practices that severely inhibit individual freedom and expression – we reject Progressivism in all its forms, including Communism, Socialism and Fascism.

The American Way: We see the collection of Conservative, Liberal and Libertarian ideologies as codified in the US Constitution as representative of a unique experiment in personal liberty and freedom unknown in the world before its invention. Further, we view the American Way, as a work in progress – an ongoing enlightenment that is the world’s most substantial creator of liberty since the dawn of mankind. However, we reject the idea of a “living Constitution” – one that is reinterpreted in accordance with the passions of the day. Rather, we view the US Constitution as the bedrock upon which personal liberty and freedom is built, anchoring its concepts and making it more difficult for governments to abridge freedoms accorded to every human being by natural law. This too, is a vital aspect of The American Way.

Politics: The political position of the Criterion editorial philosophy is non-partisan. We view the national parties, Democrat and Republican, as a “fusion party” dedicated to the interests of The Party, unfettered globalism and concentration of political power to Washington, D.C., no matter what deleterious effects such freedom-killing practices might have on individual liberty. We support parties, politicians and political policies that advance personal freedom and liberty. By contrast, we reject concentrated power and any policies or practices that obscure the plain text meaning of the US Constitution and all of its amendments where personal liberty and freedom is infringed.

Economics: Capitalism, in uncorrupted form, is the only economic practice that rewards the individual directly for personal industry and productivity and is the best system for personal and collective economic achievement. As it so happens, the more individuals achieve economically, the better society performs as a whole. In fact, uncorrupted Capitalism is the opposite of trickle-down economics as its positive factors for society are generated from the bottom up. We view the present manifestation of Capitalism as highly corrupted, monopolistic and insider driven, hampering and slowing economic achievement for all people. We support economic policies that help to level the economic playing field, such as anti-trust, anti-insider trading and open bidding laws. In addition, we support laws that limit industry consolidation and promote free competition.


On Society

Matters of Race: We believe the concept of “race” is a made-up construct devised by elitists to control the human species through division and strife. Further, we concur with the primary concept of the US Declaration of Independence that “All men are created equal” and are endowed with inalienable rights by natural law, which cannot be infringed by other men or governments. Given such standards, we eschew forced segregation and discrimination based on skin color, economic standing or geographical origin. We do, however, support the Constitutional construct of free association.

Rule of Law: Justice – criminal or social – is impossible without an adherence to laws that govern society. Although unfair or immoral laws may exist, we view the power to change such laws ultimately rests with the people. As such, those laws must be changed through peaceful, constitutional means, without resorting to violence. We should not break the law to change a law with the exception of extreme immoral circumstances, as was the case with the institution of slavery.

Governance: In the Criterion’s view, the concept of separation of powers, with adequate checks and balances, must be the operational process of government at all levels.


Commitment to Independent Journalism

The National Criterion supports the concept of Journalism of, by and for the people and that the auspices of the 1st Amendment applies to anyone who would post a report on whatever subject. We view Independent Journalism as an enhancement of the consolidated, media-oligopoly Journalism dominating today’s information streams, rather than replacing the institution of the “4th Estate.” In this way, a free press is augmented and balanced for the benefit of society and serves to limit the power and influence of information gatekeepers, leaving some of that power and influence in the hands of the people.